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Ladies, Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce you to the New Volvo V90 You could tell the makings of a good car from the first time you lay your eyes on it. One drive and you could tell a lot about the car. The Volvo V90 gives you this and much more from the onset. If you get the opportunity to have a peek you will be surprised that you hadn’t done it sooner. For those who are interested in both aspects of appeal and practicality then your Volvo V90 is calling you. You can be assured of a very impressive cabin look. The Scandinavian design around you just begs you to stay. If you like dessert then you might find the tablet sized touch screen very much to your taste. The fun part is that this is just the beginning . With a T8 twin engine I suggest you buckle up soon. A balance of electric and high gas motors is what you are dealing with here. For a normal drive you could save up fuel cost of up to forty kilometers from using the electricity. The use of the twin engines together will give you serious efficiency when driving at a frugal fuel cost. This is why you want this engine. If you have a smart phone with you then the Volvo on call up makes you the captain. It works its magic around shutting your door, heating or cooling your engine depending on its state and can help you track your car. Whoever you are with in the car will love you for the WI-FI. Even James Bond would marvel at the technology you have on criminals set on breaking in your car. Whether you are a ninja yourself or want to call the police that is left to you. You want safety so you get safety with Volvo V90. You can trust Volvo V90 to give you a three sixty degree angle camera with a bird eye view. You get coverage from the door mirrors from where they are located with each having two, one at the front and one at the rear. This gives you leverage if you are in a confined area with almost non- existent visibility. If you’ve always wanted help in parking then you are already sorted. With the pilot pack assist as long as you have the accelerator and brake in check then your care gets parked whether in parallel or perpendicular form. Sensus navigation systems are now available to you with the Volvo V90. What this means is that you can give commands to you car , get information on parking spaces and information on traffic on alternative routes. A car app is at your disposal to inform friends of where you are . With Volvo V90 you could enjoy exclusive music with the Bowers and Wilkins system on board.

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