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Embroidery: A Quick Guide The main purpose of embroidering a cloth is mostly to make it look appealing to the human eye, embroidered clothes look beautiful. Beads are used for decoration purposes in clothes. Embroidery has been in existence in the past and it has now evolved though not a lot of the current time. Needless to say that embroidery has not changed a lot since the past but only a few modifications have been added to the previous designs. Embroidery was used as a tool to show your standing in the community and different types of embroideries signified different roles. The the transition from a girl into full woman hood was sealed by wearing certain embroidered clothes to show that. The use of computers has revolutionized the embroidery experience from being slow as it was in the past. We have the key stitches types in existence and almost most types of clothes will possess at least one of these guys. Embroidery is classified about the nature of the underlying material. As a result of this, we have some of the main categories of embroidery, for example, the free or surface embroidery. The needlepoint embroidery is also quite technical to pull it off, and as such it requires the skills and expertise of a qualified professional. Finally we have the counted embroidery an example of which is cross-stitch. Technological advancement has led to sprouting up of sewing machines that have multiple capabilities, and they can multitask. It is portable and can from one location to another, and that is its biggest advantage. There is now a machine that has the capabilities of both sewing and embroidery all in one, and it is preferred in most large scale settings.
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These machine embroideries have some several advantages that come along with them, for example, they are fast and very efficient too than in hand embroidery. They are very accurate because they process instructions correctly and give the results.
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Embroidery machines in the factory setting enables them to make profits since goods are delivered when they are required. You can thus multitask on other things more important since the machine will execute the orders you will have given them. However the major demerit of these machines is that in case of power failure, the process stops and this can lead to the company making a lot of losses. Hand embroidery can be customized accordingly and as such the product ends up looking quite beautiful than compared to the machine embroidery where customization is impossible.