Examples Where Smoke is a Positive Thing

Smoke is good. You normally don’t think this way. You’ve seen plenty of smoke billow from a building or forest fire. However, there are more examples where smoke is a positive thing.

There’s the smoke used to cure meat. Smoke that delivers signals when people are in danger. Wisps of smoke that appear after a fireworks display. The most important is liquid smoke used to check for water and sewer pipe leaks.

Smoke is the best way to detect potential damage in pipes. This is thanks to science and a smoke pump tester. This type of machine is purchased through organizations like Hurco Technologies to make troubleshooting these types of issues a bit easier.

The smoke is created from a liquid poured into the tester. The machine generates smoke and pushes it through the line. The more smoke there is, the more pressure is built up. This pushes the smoke across the entire length of pipe.

Since smoke rises, it pours through areas of damage and can be seen above ground. If lucky, the damaged is concentrated in one location. If not so lucky, there could be multiple areas where the smoke lifts. This includes driveways, the street, sewers, or manhole covers.

When the damage reveals itself the next step is to get it repaired. And this should be done as soon as possible. Especially for sewer pipes. What flows through these pipes can cause damage to property and the water table if not properly treated.

The next item to consider is the type of repair. The form used for decades has been digging up the pipes. This is costly and can do serious harm to the surrounding property. Another repair option that has become more popular is trenchless. Here, broken pipe is relined with an epoxy to form a new pipe. Or, a broken pipe is shattered as a new line is pulled in.

Before it gets this far, contact a service to run the smoke test. If unsure of who to chose, ask neighbors who have dealt with this type of problem. Or, review comments on Yelp or other online sites. Once a company is chosen, make sure they can provide a quote for troubleshooting and repair.