Giving Motorists a Heads-up of Work Zones

Vehicle accidents in construction and work zones happen with alarming frequency in the U.S. Hundreds of people each year, both construction workers and motorists, are hurt or killed when drivers fail to slow down and heed warnings about upcoming road projects.

As a third-party contractor for the state or federal government, you may want to protect the public and your company’s reputation by setting up a safe zone for both your workers and motorists. You can lease equipment like digital signs, traffic cones, queue warning systems, rumble strips and more for this purpose online today.


Portable Technology

Construction crews in the past used to rely on flag people to stop and wave through cars in work zones. These people had to stand on either end of the zone and bring cars to a halt or wave the vehicles through on alternate bases. The flag people were high-risk targets of being hit or injured on the job.

They also had to be paid high wages for the role they played in the work crew. You may not want to spend the money paying for someone to stand on the side of the road while holding up a stop sign. You likewise do not want to ask anyone to put their lives at risk for that purpose.

Instead, you can set up a safe work zone and warn motorists of upcoming road work with digital signs. These signs run on electrical power just like other equipment you are already using. They are also portable, allowing you to move them up the road with you or to a different location altogether if needed.

The signs also utilize the latest technology and can be programmed according to your crew’s work pace. The lights can go from red to green as quickly as you wish. You can determine the intervals of the light changes when you rent the equipment.

Other portable equipment that you can rent from the company include rumble strips, speed zone trailers, radar speed detectors, and a host of other gear. You can find out what is available for you to lease today by visiting the company’s website.


You want to keep both the public and your crew safe during a road construction job. You can set up a safe work zone without buying the actual equipment for doing so by leasing signs, cones, and more today.