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An Introduction to Singing Bowls. The development of technology has made the society to stop using traditional handmade equipment, which are now only found in museums and antique shops. Among traditional works of art that are still used in current generation is prayer bowls. The signing bowls are hand crafted, inverted bell shaped items. Singing bowls sit with their bottom and a person hits them causing a vibration that produces a sound. Singing bowls are used for the following purposes. Meditation. The mediator trainer usually stroke the singing bowl with a hammer to signify the start of the meditation process. The singing bowl vibration sound has been attributed to easing the mind and making a person smoothly enter to deep thoughts. At the end of the session the mediator again stokes the bowl with a hammer to signify the end of the session. The singing bowl sound is said to be more convenient than telling the participants to suddenly stop the meditation. Prayer bowl just like the name suggest are used for spiritual occasions. The beliefs of the society will dictate how the singing bowls are used. In some cultures singing bowls are used to calm, upset babies or sooth them to sleep. The parent or guardian of the child will stroke the singing bowl gently, the vibration will distract the baby and all the vibration fades the child falls asleep. In addition some children institutions have a rim gong. The goal to call the classroom into harmony. The singing bowl sound is used as a signal start of lessons, which kids have been educated about therefore the tutors will not have to raise their voices.
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There are also theories that the rim gong sounds improves people’s memory for misplaced things. Recalling process involves a person making the singing bowl produce sounds and as the sound vibrates a person’s brain is able to concentrate more on the whereabouts of the lost items.
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Recent trends are the upcoming of sing bowls artists. The performance usually involves stroking of several bowl at the same time interval creating musical sounds. Many people find watching sing bowls artists’ performance very interesting. Ancient healers will also have singing bowls on their premises. Singing bowls will be used during the curing process. The idea is that the singing bowl produces a sound that distracts the patient from the pain. The sounds also helps the patients get comfortable and hope that the pain will go away. Singing bowls have been attributed to many things therefore making them to continue being relevant in the current society. On top the designers of the bowls have kept up with the changes by using different materials and paintings.