How Smoke Detector Works And Its Placement

How smoke detector work and placement is something we need to note, the workings of smoke detector triggered by smoke into the smoke detector, smoke particles that meet the smoke chamber space when a fire occurs. When the smoke density meets the threshold, the electronic circuit contained in the smoke detector will be active. Because it contains electronic smoke detector circuit requires voltage. There are two types of smoke detectors are 2 wire and 4 wire, type 2 wire power supply in the supply of master control fire alarm simultaneously with fire alarm signal so it only takes 2 cables, while for type 4 wire voltage in get from two cable plus minus from Master control fire alarm and two remaining wires for signal. Smoke detector has a protection area of ​​150 m2 for 4m ceiling height. If you want to see another detector fire just visit SSS Kuwait.

Frequently asked questions are in areas where smoke detector and heat placement are ideally located. If the placement point has been determined in detail we just follow the placement that has been set but if not set, there are some things that can be a reference.

If an area is estimated at the beginning of a fire to produce more than smoke, then placement is ideally placed for the risk of space like this. For example, cabinet room, spare part building which there are many materials made of metal (with the record space without cardboard), mechanical workshop and the like.

Vice versa if dominated by smoke should use smoke detector. Such as carpeted rooms except hotel rooms), paper warehouses, cotton warehouses, warehouses storing goods made of rubber.

Smoke Detector consists of 2 types:

Smoke Detector that works based on the collision of smoke particles with radioactive elements in the detector chamber (smoke chamber).

Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector (Optical) that works based on the refraction of the LED light inside the detector chamber due to the incoming smoke with a certain density.

Smoke Ionization is suitable for detecting smoke from fast flaming fires, but this type is more susceptible to false alarms, due to their high sensitivity. Therefore this device is more suitable for family room and sleeping room.